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Hello everyone! We decided as a group to start a blog, as some of the youth were inquiring what happened at meetings while they were away. Each one of the leaders will be writing posts and sharing their perspectives about past meetings for those who missed them or want more information on what was talked about that evening.

On this particular night, as with every meeting, we started off with introductions and then went on to our dog tag presentation. We then discussed some hot topics and upcoming events, such as That Drag Thing, Queer Prom, and the 2017 St. Albert Pride Celebration. (For information on the St. Albert Pride Celebration please visit Pride St. Albert.)

For the rest of the evening, we started our talk with the C.H.E.W. Project. The C.H.E.W. Project is run by Dr. Andre Grace and Corey Wyness. They talk about everything from coming out and friendships to STIs and sex. During our talk, the two discussed more about what each of them do at C.H.E.W., what the project provides to youth, and how they help homeless LGBTQ youth in Edmonton. They also talked about coming back to Outloud to talk to us more about relationships, friendships and sex. If you are interested in hearing more from Andre and Corey, let us know through social media or email!

Our meeting with C.H.E.W. was informative and fun and all of the youth learned a lot. If you want to check out more from the C.H.E.W. Project visit their website: https://www.ualberta.ca/ismss/community/chew-project

Hope to see you at our next meeting!

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