St. Albert Pride Art & Buttons

It’s pride month and we thought what better introductory topic then to hear what everyone’s thoughts of pride were! We went around in our circle introduced ourselves, said our preferred pronouns, and shared our thoughts on pride.

After our discussion, we worked on posters that will displayed during St. Albert Pride on June 17th from 3-6pm. (Please visit:​ for more information on the celebration). Some wrote quotes, lyrics, and poems, some drew, and others incorporated their writings within their art! Many messages and themes about coming out and things that make us who we are were the subjects of the youth’s pieces. Everyone’s artistic style and message was different, just like the individuals who wrote them.

These pieces of art are going to help give the community a better sense of who we are, and what we’re about. Along with the posters, we also had the opportunity to make pride buttons. We made pronoun buttons such as: “He/Him,” “She/Her,” “They/Them,” and “Ask Me!” We also made others including messages like “Protect Love,” “Straight? Nah!” and “St. Albert Pride 2017.”

As with every Outloud meeting, Terry introduced another wacky game! Everyone was given a number and had to line up in the correct order. The catch? No one was allowed to say the number they were assigned or show it with their hands. The second time was even more of a challenge! Everyone now had to line up by their birthday. It took a lot of out of the box thinking to communicate with what little they were able to use.

The night came to a close with some coming out stories and experiences shared by peers.

Hope to see you at the next Outloud on the 20th!


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