BBQ Night!

City of St. Albert, The Collective, and St. Albert Food Bank donated food to Outloud and we decided to have a BBQ! We had burgers, veggie dogs, salad, and fruit for all the youth to enjoy. We started with introductions and what the youth had planned for the summer, then moved on to the BBQ. For the most part, the youth had plans to stay at home, but some had travel plans.

Everyone seemed to really like the BBQ that we put on. The youth ate and talked to one another and then we congregated back into our circle to chat about some topics. First, we discussed a story in Taber, Alberta. In June, during Pride month, Taber had a few instances where their pride flag was stolen and then burned. We discussed why someone would do something like that and other alternative pride flags that have popped up, including Philadelphia’s pride flag that has a black and brown stripe added to it. (If you would like to read more about these stories follow these two links: Taber – Philadelphia –

After talking about some serious topics, we decided to play a game called Spot the Difference. It was a great time and it got the youth to interact with others they hadn’t talked to before.

At the end of the night, we went around the circle with some closing statements from the youth. Overall, it was a great night full of food and fun games.

I’ll see everyone again in two weeks!


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