Silly, Fun, and Dangerous Games

The beginning of the night started with introductions, pronouns and our question was what everyone’s highlight of the summer was. We then moved on to ISMSS interviews and some pretty exciting news. One of our leaders had shared a video on our Facebook page by a well-known LGBTQ Youtuber named Tyler Oakley on “How To Be A Better Trans Ally (feat. Janet Mock)” and Tyler Oakley liked the post himself! This was so exciting for myself and all the other leaders as Tyler Oakley now knows about our LGBTQ group! If you would like to watch this video, it is on our Facebook page or you can go to the following link:

Our main event of the night was a game called Flyswatter. It was one of Terry’s whacky games and the youth really enjoyed it. The game involved splitting the youth to two sides, sitting on chairs, with expanding tubes that they whacked around to hit a ball to the other sides goal.

After that we quieted down with some pizza and popcorn and talked about some current events. We discussed President Donald Trump’s military ban, Charlottesville, anti-LGBTQ flyers in Edmonton, and on a happier note, the short film “In A Heartbeat.” (If you would like more information on any of these topics I have included them at the end of the post).

At the end of the night, we closed the meeting with some updates from the youth and what their favourite part of the night was. Overall, it was a fun night.

I’ll see everyone again for a bonus meeting on the 29th!



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