End of Summer Water Fight!

As always, the beginning of the night started with introductions, pronouns and our question of the night. The question we posed to the youth was what they were looking forward to in the upcoming school year. We then moved straight into our main event for the evening which was a water fight. Terry had filled up about 800 balloons with water for the youth to play with, and those who participated definitely got soaked!

Next, we moved on to our discussion topic of the night which was school. We asked the group what they thought about the acceptability of LGBTQ related topics and people at their school and were met with a lot of passionate responses. There seems to still be a lot of work to do within the St. Albert and Edmonton school systems to educate students, teachers, principals, and administrators on LGBTQ issues and acceptance.

We then broke for pizza before getting back together and having our dog tag presentation, where one of the youth received their very own dog tag. After that, we continued our important discussion on schools with a few more questions. Where do students go in their school to seek help with mental illness or other problems they are having? If a student wants to come out at school, what should be the procedure that the school has in place to make sure the student feels comfortable and safe? The questions brought up some interesting responses with important points to think about.

At the end of the night, we didn’t have enough time to do a checkout, but overall the night was fun and educational.

I’ll see everyone again next week on September 5th!


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