Clothing Swap & Crazy Games!

We had a lot of new faces at this meeting! But that didn’t stop us from our usual round of introductions with names, pronouns, and this weeks skill testing question… ‘what’s your favourite colour?’ We had a real spectrum of responses on this one.

We had a lot of announcements, so from there we moved right into pizza! During the pizza break, we got to mingle and check out the ever exciting clothing swap! Lots of fun pieces out of the clothing swap this time.

From there, we played an interesting game in which we tied a grapefruit in a stocking around our waists, and attempted to knock over some bottles of water. Competition was stiff, but it was a very fun time.

To finish off the meeting, we brought back coming out stories! It’s interesting to hear the diversity within the experiences of those in our group, and we are lucky to have such confident and bright individuals to share their stories. There’s always something new for us to learn.

From there, we did our check out. Hope all of you have an excellent couple of weeks, and we hope to see you back again on October 3rd!

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