Christmas Ornaments

Hi everyone! I’m very sorry that we have been neglecting our blog. We will try our best to make these blog posts more regular from now on.

At our last Outloud meeting, we started everything off like we usually do, with introductions. We went around the group and introduced ourselves with our names, pronouns, and what Christmas tradition we have. Mine is going to see a movie on Christmas Eve with my family, but after hearing some of the others I might have to start another tradition.

After introductions we moved on to our activity with Kim from Fusion Glass Art. She taught us all how to make our own fused glass ornaments. All of the youth used their creativity and imagination to create some beautiful pieces of art. I can’t wait to see how they all turned out at our next meeting. If you would like to get more information on Fusion and other classes they run, please go to their website:

We closed the night with updates from the youth on their lives or what they liked the most from the meeting. All of the youth had something positive to say and they all seemed to really enjoy the activity. We will make sure to keep Fusion in mind for other workshops in the future.

We will see you at our next meeting on Tuesday, December 5th! Outloud Junior will also be that night from 6-8pm and if you were at the last Outloud meeting, make sure to come and pick up your glass ornaments as they will be ready for you to take home!


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