Max is Back and Anonymous Questions!

I’m here again with another recap of our last meeting! We started the night off like we always do, with introducing ourselves with our name, pronouns, and our question of the night. The question we had for the group was what their favourite international cuisine was. There were a lot of youth who liked Indian and Ukrainian, as well as some more unique dishes. We then moved on to our presentation of dog tags. For those who are not familiar with this, we give out dog tags to youth who have come to six Outloud meetings. We gave out a few at this particular meeting. It’s nice to see that the youth enjoy Outloud to continually come, have fun, and support others.

After dog tags, our youth leader Max talked to the group about their leave of absence from the group as well as their LGBTQ experience thus far in their life. Max was very open to the group and took any questions that the youth had. The youth were curious and respectful in their questions and learned a great deal from Max’s experiences.

We then moved on to our anonymous Q&A that we do about once every couple months. For those who have not been to one of these nights, we use an app that allows the youth to ask questions to the group anonymously. We then read them Outloud and let the group respond. No question is off limits and the youth always have the right answer.

Hope to see everyone at our next meeting! It will be the last one of the year and the Mayor of St. Albert will be visiting us! I’ll see everyone on the 21st!


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