Meeting the Mayor and Crazy Games

I hope everyone has had an amazing holiday break so far! Just wanted to give everyone a recap of what happened at our last meeting of the year.

We had the new Mayor of St. Albert, Cathy Heron, come to join us during our meeting. We started off with introductions, which included our name, our pronouns, and our question of the night which was what your favourite holiday tradition is. Then we moved on to a Q&A with the mayor. It was quite interesting and the youth had a lot of questions for her. She was open and honest with all of us and we all learned a lot about our city.

Then we moved on to our crazy game, which included plastic cups, string, and elastic bands. We all got in groups of four and tied each of our strings to the elastic band. The goal was then to use teamwork to stretch the elastic band between the four of us to pick up plastic cups and build them into a tower. It was really fun and a lot of the youth got the hang of it really fast!

Hope everyone has a great New Year’s Eve and we will see you all again for Outloud Jr. and our regular Outloud meeting on January 2, 2018!


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