Why I love this caring community

PFLAG is help for many of us.

Last night St Albert PFLAG was open again to talk about how great the support is for our own beautiful LGBTQ people. The folks who dropped in talked about their families, friends, acquaintances, and children that we all care about so much. The scene is almost always the same that some people are at the beginning of their journey and some of us have been learning for awhile. We had some laughs about silly things our loved ones have done and also a few tears because we don’t always understand why things are the way they are. So many feel the same feelings and this gives us a chance to talk about it with other like minded people who do not judge and can understand. You should join us next month on November 13th and offer your support or come and be supported.

TD Bank supports the Outloud Foundation

Our friends from the TD Bank showed up with a huge surprise for us! Tyler Brown & Erwin Lehnert showed up with money from their TD branches as well as more money from Joanne Knott at her TD branch. This generosity is what makes the Outloud Foundation possible and allows us to reach out to more people in and around our community. We feel so blessed to have friends like this who take the time to help out in a most needed way.

St Albert Councillor Natalie Joly also attended to show her support for the PFLAG group and the LGBTQ people of our city. We love to have these influential individuals who don’t just say they support but actually show up and sit with us. Makes us all feel like we matter a little bit more.

Get your tickets today for the Halloween Pride Party!

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