Exciting news for Pride

Tonight the Outloud youth group for 13 to 24 yr olds meets at the Collective, 43 St Thomas street, from 7 to 9pm.

Bring your Toonie if you think Outloud has value to help offset the cost of Pizza.


SOGI 123 has chosen Outloud to be involved with their promotion and we are so excited to be a part of this amazing initiative that will be explained tonight. You can read up on it before tonight if you like.


Cassie from BBBS will be with us to talk about how there is a need for more queer youth to be involved as they have queer mentors ready to be matched now. These are adults who will understand what the youth are going through because they have been there and can help them out. Come find out what they have to offer for you. Doesn’t matter if you are gay, trans, gender fluid, or anything else, they have someone who has been there and is looking to help you get more comfortable with being you.


Halloween Fundraiser Talk

We are less than 2 weeks away from the St Albert Pride Halloween party and there are some things that we would like to see from you to help us make the party the best it can be. We need more wine and chocolate donations for the raffle baskets and silent auction items from businesses and private people. We could use a few more volunteers to help out but most everything is taken care of. Tickets are limited so you need to get them right away. Youth 13 and up are allowed to attend so get your tickets here today.


I have been promising to have some time for those of you who love to do Improvisations and we will squeeze that in tonight so for you who love to perform, this is the time. If you don’t want to perform or if you are too scared like me, you can just watch and laugh as those who love this are always very entertaining.

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