Outloud Youth and Junior Nov 6th


The Wait is over

Months like this are so strange, 5 Tuesdays make the time between Outloud meetings so long. Even though we had a fundraiser  and Halloween is tonight, I miss the regular group. On Tuesday we will have a bunch of things to do. The Juniors will start at 6pm with some cool stuff that Natalie has cooked up as well as the SOGI team coming to do  some filming. Don’t worry if you don’t wanna be on camera we will make sure you are not. Learn more about SOGI and what the goal of this filming is by clicking here. You can also call or text us to talk about it at 780-990-6518.

LGBTQ Mentors

We have talked about Big Brothers Big Sisters a few times in the past but now we have something that is especially for LGBTQ youth. Cassie is going to join us a discuss this program where you can have a friend who has already walked the road you are on. Imagine being able to have a cool adult to talk to who is the same as you. A gay man who struggled in school or with peers is willing to take time and talk to you about anything you want. An out lesbian who had a hard time with friends is excited to hang out with you and talk about your interests and struggles. A cool trans person that was so oppressed they wanted to give up because their family would not accept them, is now confident and ready to spend with you. A drag queen or king that found a new way to live and be excited wants to show you that the world will accept you as you are if you allow it. Cassie has these people ready and waiting to match up with you. Their system of matching is exceptional so you will find a person that gets you and what you are going through. Having a mentor does not cost you anything, you won’t have a set schedule or list of things you have to do. This is simply a person who will be your person. Come find out the details at Outloud and how you can get a friend like you never thought would exist.

Sponsor an Evening of Outloud    

In an ideal world everything would be free, but then again in an ideal world Outloud would not be needed. The fact is that we have expenses every single time we meet. The advertising, social media, craft supplies, and of course pizza all have a cost. If you think Outloud is worth it the i would ask you to sponsor an evening. Usually we can keep the cost under $200 per night but not always. The truth is that with more kids comes more cost. Sure we run the program on no budget as we have for almost 5 years but now its getting a lot tighter. Changes in the program, the people, and me have left us with no option but ask for your help in keeping Outloud going. We will accept anything you want to give. You can donate on the website here using PayPal, MasterCard, VISA, or Visa Debit. You can send us a chq to 43 St Thomas street, St Albert, AB  T8N 6Z1. You can also send us an email transfer to outloud@outloudstalbert.ca or we can come and get it from your work or house if you like. I would encourage everyone who wants to learn about Outloud to come and see what we do. Come and sit with the kids, talk to them, see why they bother to come instead of doing something else. You will get to see kids from 6 to 25 years old who are scared of the ugliness in the world that would target them because they are a little different. Not by choice but because they were given a different set of feelings by whomever you believe does that. These kids are amazing, talented, beautiful souls who just need a place to get together and not feel so alone. We believe that Outloud is that place. If you do, please support us.

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