PFLAG Tonight and cheap movie tomorrow

Show your support for LGBTQ loved ones by learning

Tonight is PFLAG which is a support group for any adult who has any affiliation with queer people. Maybe you have a friend or relative that is gay and you dont know how to talk to them. Maybe your co-worker or customer is trans and you don’t know what is acceptable or how to treat them right. Maybe you are just a caring person who wants to know how to treat others with respect but the media has scared you into not talking to queer people at all. Many others feel the same way as our world keeps changing and becoming often too delicate so we all feel like we are walking on egg shells.

How are you supposed to act around queer people? What can types of things offend the LGBTQ community and how can I figure out the best way to respect everyone? These are the questions I get all the time. The answers are simple and we don’t need to complicate things just because some social media troublemaker says so. Come to PFLAG and find out what a trans person want tot be called. Find out what pronouns are and how or why they matter. Come see how accepting the queer community is of you and how this madeup minefield of social division is very easy to navigate once you understand we are all very similar. Tonight at the Collective, 43 St Thomas street from 7 to 9pm. All your info is there, just come get it.

Cool movie is Cheap with Outloud and Cineplex

The movie about the band Queen has been getting lots of criticism both good and bad about everything. Some say its too gay, some say its not gay enough. Some say its more about the band than music, some say its the other way around. How about you come and see the movie that shows one of the greatest bands in history and judge for yourself. Cineplex Norht Edm has given us great prices so join us tomorrow and see what the fuss is about.

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