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Bohemian Rhapsody was awesome!

Everybody knows the Queen songs. You sing along to them and it gets in right in your bones, but unless you have seen the movie you are missing out. I know the whole movie was not about Freddie being gay, and I am glad. Freddie Mercury being bisexual was only one part of who he was. The story talked about the band, the music, and the amazing legacy that they left behind for everyone. They showed how the band was a family and I am sure things were not portrayed totally accurately but its a movie. The Outloud youth, parents, and siblings who attended loved it too. It was a chance to do an outing together with their queer friends and have something in common. A huge thank you to Andrew Weins and Renee LeClerc for organizing and running the event. We are already planning the next one and will keep you posted on its timing.

St Albert Volunteer Fair

Saturday we had an Outloud booth at the volunteer fair to promote Pride in St Albert. We had an excellent response from everyone we talked to. Some told us stories of their LGBTQ experiences, some wanted info about what we do or how they could help. Others thanked us for being there for the community, the people, and St Albert. I am excited about a new alliance we made that should allow us more coverage in spaces where we have struggled. It was also so great to see so many wonderful non-profits and charities in one place. Some thought we were kinda competing for volunteers but I think the people made both organizations stronger and will allow for better partner relationships for everyone. If you did not get a chance to go you can always call, text, email, or message us. We can always use another person’s help. 780-990-6518

Edmonton GSA Conference


Ash and Max were at the conference this weekend with a few hundred other kids that made this event so awesome. It is always a blur of excitement when the 500+ attendees come past the table of this resource fair. The speakers get the youth involved and then they need to take some action and the resources to do that. Outloud is just one of many places that offers these queer youth a bunch of opportunities to engage with others and really connect. Learn more about this event and get the resources here.

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