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Trans Day of Remembrance

Today is Trans Day of Remembrance and if you don’t know what that means then click here to read all about it. Our trans friends have harder lives than the majority of people simply by trying to be comfortable with who they are. People tell me all the time that “they choose” to live that way, which of course means as transgender person. Of course that’s not the truth but if this stereotype exists we need to confront it and teach people why trans people exist. Tonight we will discuss this topic and find out why society is getting better with the whole LGBTQ community but still struggle with trans people. global news video


Questions from the App

Tonight we again dive into your questions on the app to help everyone find out answers to the questions that sometimes we are too scared to ask. The youth leaders will show you how to send a completely anonymous question that shows up on the screen. Then the whole group will help answer your question from their personal experience. There is no way to track what question came from what person, so rest assured that nobody will know what you ask unless you tell us. I love this app because so many of us have the same questions but we are all worried what others will think. Bring any question about any topic. If you want to talk about suicide, gender issues, surgery, sex, political affects, school, or anything else; this is the place to bring your question. Encourage your friends to come if they have something to ask, everyone is welcome no matter if they are queer or not.

Wacky Game

We are putting together a wacky game that we think you will like. Its quick, simple, and hopefully makes you laugh. Come tonight to see what this is all about.


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