Games, Questions and Outloud Talks

Tuesday Night was wild but wait till next week at Outloud Talks

This week Outloud had a balloon game, a trophy, questions from the app, and  MLA – Trevor Horne. We started the night off with a bunch of new faces and many familiar ones telling how they heard about Outloud. We try to do as much social media, advertising, signage, and word of mouth as possible but it is tough without a budget. We know there are so many more we need to reach with Outloud, Pride, and PFLAG so please donate here.


November 20th was the Trans Day of Remembrance so we talked about how important it is to recognize the alarming number, also to look at how many transgender people have been killed and how the number keep climbing. Have a look at the stats here as they are both shocking and sobering. These are not deaths by anything other than being murdered for being a trans person. I know many of these people are sex trade workers but they are still people, same as you and me. The major difference is that they were born with a brain that does not match their body and they are trying to rectify that. They are only guilty of trying to be comfortable with themselves. Many of us have no idea what its like to look in the mirror everyday and see the wrong genitals, or the wrong body, or the wrong person. That seems to be the reason that so many trans people get killed. Most cis-gender people do not know how to relate and then ignorance turns to fear, and fear into anger. Attacking anyone at any time is unacceptable but this goes far beyond that into the realm of bigotry and then hate. The only solution to this problem that I can see is education for those of us who need to understand. If you have never met a trans person then its time you should. Buy someone a coffee, come to an Outloud, PFLAG, or Pride function, or look at least look at these videos.

Balloon Game

After almost 5 years of planing Outloud and bringing weird games, I may have been doing things too weird. The business in the Collective space is moving and they had 2 huge rolls of bubble wrap. One of the kids says “What games are we gonna play with that?” the others all looked worried and excited. Our game did not include bubble wrap but the thought did give me a good idea… for the future.

Our balloon game was simple, just keep the balloon up in the air the longest using only a straw. There was an added level of difficulty cause they had to have an eye patch on. Apparently it mixes up your depth perception so the longest anyone held their balloon was about a minute. Congratulations to the winner of the signed Unicorn Statue, it was “signed” by famous LGBTQ people like Ellen DeGeneres, Freddie Mercury, Chaz Bono, and Socrates! Okay maybe not real signatures but it’s the thought that counts. If you would like to play a goofy game, just show up to Outloud.

Special Visitors

Everyone who reads this as an email, a post, or anything else is invited to attend Outloud. Our friend and MLA – Trevor Horne showed up to be part of the group. It was pretty cool with no political agenda or speech, he just was one of the group and as you can see, he had fun too.  Thanks so much for showing our Queer youth that you have time to come and sit with them.



Outloud Talks

We have done it before and we are doing it again! Outloud Talks is different than the other groups since it is all about mature topics. You won’t see games there or pizza, this group is just about the issues that our youth want to discuss. Talks is designed for the 16 and up crowd who need to talk about everyday issues with jobs, school, bullying, interviews, sexuality, coming out, friendships, politics, and anything else. This group is about how to deal with the world that is against LGBTQ people for whatever reason and have the confidence to still be who you are. If you want to talk about anything at all, no matter how sensitive or taboo the subject, bring it to Outloud Talks for discussion. The group is made up of youth and young adults and facilitated by those same people. Debate is welcome but make sure its constructive and not hateful or demeaning. We only ask for a positive experience for everyone. Come see what Outloud Talks has for you on Tuesday, Nov 27th from 7 to 9pm at The Collective, 43 St Thomas street, St Albert.

Contact us anytime for questions, donations, or help. 780-990-6518

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