Giving Tuesday and Outloud Talks

Why give to Outloud?

Donate to change lives


Simply put, its because we can change lives and even save them. That sounds pretty cocky when I say it but that’s what we have been told by the youth, parents, adults, and the general public.  Outloud was never created as business or anything other than a way to help LGBTQ people feel better about themselves. We just passed the Outloud Foundation’s 4th year as a registered non-profit and we have so much more to do that we need your help. To date we have have been funded by amazing people like you. People who care about that kid who might get kicked out for telling their parents they are gay. People who care about the trans person who is so tired of being bullied that they contemplate suicide. People who care about the queer youth that cuts themselves to feel something different than the hate their co-workers provide. The truth is that the need surpasses our ability, and so we need your help.

Outloud has no paid staff, no regular funding, and no budget. We do what we do because people need it and we cant look the other way. The youth that we help who are coming to terms with their gender and sexuality are from St Albert, Edmonton, and surrounding areas as far away as Slave Lake, Bonnyville, or even Grande Prairie. The people who come to our events are the same ones you see in the mall, at the gas station, and in your community. Think about what its like for a young person who is dealing with puberty, self esteem issues, and everything you dealt with at the same age; except they have the added burden of being queer. They did not ask to be different, they would choose to be “normal” if they could, but that shoe just won’t fit. These teens are encouraged to come to Outloud and meet others who understand because they live it too. Our goal is not to change the world or everyone’s opinion, we just want to help the kid that thinks being dead is better than being queer.

What can you do for Outloud and the Queer community?

The groups we created Outloud Junior (12 and Under), Outloud Youth (13 to 24yrs), PFLAG (parents, friends, or any adult), and St Albert Pride (for anyone who is supportive) are to have places for LGBTQ people to meet and talk. Our foundation is just like any other, it takes money to run all this. From the pizza to the supplies, from the print to the online advertising, we need to be visible to the ones who struggle with sexual orientation and gender identity. We have excellent and amazing partners that help us with so many things but there is so much more we need. If you have time to help, we have things that need doing. If you want to help at meetings we need that too. Just send us and email, text, or call us at 780-990-6518. If you can give to help fund Outloud that is our most critical area right now. See what you donation can do here.

Outloud Talks starts again

When we designed the Outloud Youth Group we wanted kids to have fun and connect with each other. We use food, games, and creative ideas to get youth out and to connect with each other. This model has worked well and many queer kids like the light hearted atmosphere where they can fully engage or just sit and watch. Outloud Talks is just going to the next level of conversation for a more mature discussion that is facilitated and directed by youth for youth. We set the age group at about 16 and up but this is about maturity and what you want to know. Talks will be just discussion about any topic that you need answers to. If your questions are about sex, surgery, jobs, relationships, family, politics, school, suicide, or anything else. There are no topics that are off the table in this group. The rules are simple too, just be respectful of the other participants as you want to be respected. Its gonna be a great night of discussion, learning, and maybe even some debate. Hope to see you there.

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