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Please support Outloud on this Giving Tuesday. We don’t have any budget, paid staff, or regular donors, the only thing we have to count on is you. You can donate to the Outloud Foundation website here. We also have a Go Fund me page if you prefer. Read the story, it will change many kids lives.

Help Outloud save Queer kids

The Outloud Foundation for LGBTQ Community Supports and Services is a volunteer run registered non-profit that helps youth who are queer or questioning to come together and meet others. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity issues are life threatening for kids who think they are too different to have a place in the world. Our goal is to get those youth together and show them that they are not alone. Many people go through the same struggles to find out who they really are and without some help they never find their way. Outloud puts kids together to build relationships, find resources, and create a plan so they don’t have to do it alone. We are not funded by any regular means, so we rely on generous donations from individuals like you who care. If you want to see a queer youth smile and become confident, that’s what we do. Your donation goes to the costs of advertising the program, supplies, food, insurance, and so many other expenses.

Outloud does not have any paid staff but we must start hiring as the need is so great. We have had over 400 people come to the programs we offer in the last 4 years and there are so many more who we need to help. The current programs are all listed here and we are starting 3 new programs in the coming months to help as many more as we can.
I encourage you to come to any of these groups and see what they are about. You can view and read about our past events here  and what we have done.
We do this because its necessary, important, and life changing. Our real problem now is funding expansion and being sustainable for all the youth who still struggle with not being their true selves.  Our program works very well and its time to step it up. We must keep these amazing young people from feeling suicidal, cutting themselves, and withdrawing from society. With your help more kids will become proud of themselves and be able to love themselves. Our promise is to give all that we have to these wonderful youth who just need someone to believe in them so they can believe in themselves. Please donate.

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