Trans Survey & Outloud Talks

Trans Survey for 14 – 25 yr olds

Anybody want to spend an hour doing a survey? Yeah, I know it doesn’t sound exciting until you hear what this is about. A team of researchers from huge Canadian universities want help make things better for Trans people. The survey is totally anonymous so you can tell them what you really think. I urge you to do this and pass it onto your friends. Its important because without this info the trans community cannot move forward. Its YOUR voice that matters a lot unless you want to let someone else speak for you and tell you what the trans community needs. Step up and be heard, this is your chance.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good PEOPLE to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke

Outloud Talks

Why weren’t you there? You thought about going but your fear won… this time. This was one of the greatest discussions we have had at any of the groups that we run. So much was on the table with such a wide variety of topics. School, holidays, movies, trans rights, administration, coping strategies, finding a partner, future plans, and so much more! The group was very interactive, respectful of each other, and most of all, had lots to say. We mulled over the idea of who should be at the group and the 16 and up is a good guideline. The topics are very involved, can be very graphic, and that’s what’s great. No beating around the bush with this group. Although if you think you are mature enough, then we want to see you there, regardless of age. Some questions I had never thought of before but I am sure glad I was there. Everyone learned a ton and felt like this is a great place to figure things out with people who live it and don’t just talk about it. Outloud Talks won’t be in December cause it’s Christmas day so you have to wait till January 22nd for the next one.

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