Outloud Youth and Junior Tomorrow night with paint mediation and Clothing Swap

Paint by Music

Jackie from Paint by Music is coming to show us a new way of painting that allows us to listen to music and then paint anything that comes to mind. You don’t need to be artistic to do this, there are no grades so just come and see what happens. This will be fairly short, only about 30 minutes and then we are done. I was able to try this and it was very relaxing but also so interesting to see what others painted listening to the same song. You don’t have to be part of this but if you want to be on any of the “Paint by Music” social media or website you need to get this waiver signed. Recorded Session RELEASE Form (1) or this one for under 18 Recorded Session RELEASE Form (Minors)If you do not want to sign the waiver, no problem, you just wont be in the pictures or video. Either way i hope to see you there. Both Youth and Junior will be involved in this activity. Outloud December 4th flyer

Clothing Swap

Everybody loves new threads but funds are not always available. Lucky for you we the Outloud Clothing Swap is a few times a year. Bring any clothes that you think someone else will want and we will put them on the rack. We have about 4 racks of clothes now and are excited to see what you bring to offer. If you don’t have any clothes to bring, no big deal, come and see what may be there for you. These clothes are always from great people with great taste. I am sure you will find something you love.

Outloud Junior

As always Outloud Junior is for the 12 and under crowd. If you think that you or someone else would enjoy this then we want to see you. The idea is to come and have some fun, meet some friends, and have some pizza. Everyone is welcome as long as you are respectful of queer or questioning kids. Come see what we do and maybe this is right for you. Junior starts at 6pm till 8pm at the Collective, 43 St Thomas street.

Outloud Youth

The youth group for 1 to 24yr olds starts at 7pm till 9pm with tons of fun, lots of activities, and of course PIZZA! Bring a friend who likes the company of other queer or questioning youth. We don’t ask alot of questions other than your name so if you just wanna come and hang out that’s cool too. Hope to see you there and anyone who you think would benefit from coming to this type of group.

Our Go Fund Me is still going strong. Please donate here or at the Outloud donation page if you can make a monthly donation. Thanks for your support!

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