Queer Youth Christmas Party plus guests, games, and surprises

Queer Christmas Party Dec 18

The holidays are a time for for getting together with friends and having some fun. Forget about the drama in your life, the crap going on at school or work. Come and be with a bunch of energetic queer youth who just want to have a good time for a few hours. We have decorations to make, stories to tell, pizza to eat, and fun to be had. Let yourself relax in a safe space for a little while and see that others are doing the same. Wear your wildest holiday outfit and maybe even show your pride.

Dec Printable flyer

Outloud has a game that is sure to make you laugh whether you are involved or not. We shouldn’t make too big of a mess but its always possible. Will have a clean-up crew ready if we need it. Don’t worry you wont actually get hurt with this game but the possibility makes it more exciting don’t you think?

Alison & Alexis

We are so lucky to have some friends, advocates, and beautiful people who are the LGBTQ cause in so many ways. Alison and Alexis are two of the best people in that category for Edmonton and much further beyond. I wont say much because the list of things they do is so long it would take forever to tell it all! They are leaders who break ground in everything they do from school, to media, to advocacy. Come and learn what being a leader is all about from people who have lived the experience publicly and continue to do so.

Funding Outloud

If you enjoy Outloud and what we offer please bring a toonie to help us supplement the cost of supplies and pizza. We have no regular funding so we need your help. Its only a toonie and I hope you get alot more in return than that. We want to be able to keep bringing pizza and having Outloud but we need your support. Thanks. Donate more here.


January 1 there is no Outloud

The first Tuesday of each month is always Outloud Youth and Junior. For January it happens to land on New Years Day so we will not be having any group. Sorry but you will have to wait till January 15th for the Youth group. The Juniors wont have a group at all in January. Make sure you check our calendar to keep up with any changes or other great events that are available to you in the St Albert area.

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