Tonight – Questions from the app

Bring a toonie to help us cover the costs.

Outloud needs your help to continue doing what we all love. Not a huge amount or a serious commitment, just a toonie or whatever you can spare. This program is fully run by volunteers so the pizza and supplies are not covered by any company or business. If Outloud is important to you, please bring your toonie or donate here.

Questions from the App

Our Questions from the App activity is always a hit simply because it is so real. Everyone bring your iphone, android, or whatever internet accessible device you have and ask totally anonymous questions to the group. The software doesn’t hold names, id’s, or any other credentials. You just need to be signed in when we are running the group and you are free to ask any question, on any topic, so the entire group can help you out. We have youth ask about family issues, friend problems, gender stuff, and sexual health. We will not shy away from any question because if you think its important then so do we. Come see what you can learn from an amazing group or queer kids, just like you.

New Year and new beginnings for all everyone

2018 had some great moves forward for the LGBTQ community and of course some very difficult times. We will talk about these and update you on more amazing news that is coming for 2019. We would also love to hear what you have for the year coming up and all the success you had in 2018.

It all happens tonight at the Collective, 43 St Thomas street from 7 to 9 pm. Bring a friend and see all the talk is about.

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