No cost counselling, volunteers, and Talks tonight

Grant Wardlow, canadian certified counsellor

The OK2BU Support Group is coming up quickly but even if you don’t get into this session, get yourself approved for the next one. This is group counselling that has only 8 youth per group attending, aged 13-17 and designed especially for LGBTQ kids. This group is facilitated by Grant Wardlow, someone who knows what queer life is all about and how to help you get from being stuck in your thoughts to feeling empowered. You need to contact them at 780-460-0022 or

HELP! Yes we need your help to keep Outloud, PFLAG, St Albert Pride, and all the programs running. If you need volunteer hours, work experience, or just want to help out, we need you. You can do as little or as much as you want and if you need credit for it, we will do that for you. Here are some of the things we need help with right now.

Statistic building – Research LGBTQ starts from Alberta, Canada, and the world to add to our website and increase the public’s awareness of what queer people face.

Social media – Help share to social media sites we have on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, using external and internal information.

Planning Outloud – Help the Outloud leadership plan the monthly meetings with your new ideas and thing you would like to see.

Planning Panel talks – This year we will have presentations from various groups such as polyamorous, trans 101, faith night, and debate. We need help to organize and plan this.

Pride Festival – 2019 will be our 5th year for the St Albert Pride Festival. Help us plan, contact performers, get advertising, co-ordinate volunteers and much more.

Speaking – We have several speaking engagements already that we need people to tell their stories and answer public questions and help them understand LGBTQ.

Outreach – Outloud has more to do in the community by attending school, business, and political functions to raise awareness.

Grant writing – We qualify for a lot of grant money that we have no time to apply for, the process is simple but time consuming and we need some great people

Outloud Junior – Help run a program once a month for the littles who are 12 and under. This would include planning with the Junior team, getting supplies, preparing for the group, facilitating the group, clean up after, and advocating if you want. If any or all of this interests you them please contact us.

Talks is Tonight

Outloud Talks is monthly group of queer people who need to talk about adult life as an LGBTQ person. Anyone highschool high school aged or older is encouraged to attend this group and share your experiences and knowledge. What jobs are LGBTQ friendly? What can employers ask or not ask? What banks understand me as a trans person? How do i find a good doctor? what do need to be aware of in my community? Will I be ok?

If any of these questions are your questions then you need to be at Outloud Talks tonight.

The Collective 43 St Thomas street from 7 to 9pm.

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