Bonus day today

Sorry! Somehow the emails did not go out today. We have Outloud tonight!

The Youth group normally meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month but we have 5 Tuesdays so we can do a Bonus tonight. Bring a friend and your favorite game to connect with other queer kids who wanna meet. Bring your straight friends, your queer friends, and your questioning friends too. We don’t focus on rules except to be respectful. You can dress however you like cause we don’t judge that sort of thing. Use your given name, your preferred name, or create a new one. None of that matters to us, we accept you as you are. You can expect pizza, fruit, and bottled water for tonight’s menu, hopefully that covers everybody’s needs. Tell me if you need something else. We start 7pm till 9pm at the Collective, 43 St Thomas street. Come early if you want, you are allowed to be late, if you can only stay for a bit that’s cool too. See you tonight with some excellent friends!

The OK2BU Support Group is the first of its kind here in St Albert. Sometimes when things are free they are of no value but this is very different. This is actually paid counselling from Rivers Edge Counselling which would usually cost hundreds of dollars but your fee has been paid by the amazing people at the St Albert Community Foundation. Think about how much you can grow sitting with 5 other youth and a counselor who specializes in queer kids. Talking about the stuff that scares you, the stuff that you have accomplished, and to see what the other group members can teach each other. If you are scared to try or scared to trust, that’s normal. Just remember that the relationships you build at a group like this could change your life and last forever. Be brave for yourself and call the facilitator, Grant 780-460-0022 ext 380 or email him and talk about it. He’s a really cool guy that I have talked to many times and you can trust him. He know all about queer people and has been seeing kids like you for a long time. You can also call or text me 780-990-6518 if you need support. Seize the Day!

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