St Albert PFLAG Tonight

Why don’t people understand the LGBTQ community? I think it is simply because they don’t take the time to listen to the message. The “Gay rights movement” is so much bigger than it used to be and now includes so many more people. Why are we ok with someone born with a physical difference like a leg or an arm missing, but saying that a person who is born in the wrong body is not possible? Someday I am sure there will be a scanning machine that will tell us what is happening in someones brain but till then what do we do and how do we understand? Without throwing flowers everywhere, its all about love. You liked the child or teen or adult before they came out as gay or bi or trans. You thought they were cool or funny or amazing, and you were right. The only difference now is that they have allowed their feelings to come out and be who they really are. Imagine if had to wear a costume or rubber suit everyday that you hated but could not take it off. When you passed by a mirror you were reminded of that suit you had on. People would ask, “Hey are wearing a rubber suit or is that thing real?, and you had no good answer for such a stupid question. That is the life of the beautiful Queer people that I see everyday. The people who would love to let their light shine but are terrified that “someone” would stare at them and ask another stupid question.

So what can we do to be better people? We can learn and try to understand the difficulties that others are going through. We do not need to debate “if its real” or “how this will affect me”, just be kind and open to the possibility that your smile or handshake is enough to change someone’s life. Someone who is stuck in that rubber suit only really needs you to understand that they are a person. They do not want extra attention or to be noticed all the time, they want to feel like you. They want to feel accepted and loved and understood.

So what do YOU do? You come to PFLAG tonight and listen. Ask intelligent questions in the direction of understanding, not judgment. Sit beside a queer person who is more terrified of sitting next to you because you have the power to hurt them with a couple words. Be kind and come learn something about our beautiful people.

St Albert PFLAG tonight at the Collective, 43 St Thomas street, St Albert. 7 to 9pm.

St Albert PFLAG is run by the Outloud Foundation who also facilitate groups for children , youth, and adults. The money raised goes to fund these groups as well as St Albert Pride. You may donate in honor of someone, make a one time or recurring donation, or add a note to specify what to do with your donation. We are volunteer run and have no paid staff yet. 100% of your dollars go to the programs and people we support.

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