Tonight – Hot Topics, Human Battleship and Pizza

Join us for a wild night of games, discussion, pizza, and great people. Tonight from 7 to 9pm at the Collective, 43 St Thomas street we will have some fun and some heavy discussion while learning to better navigate this world as a Queer youth. We welcome all youth aged 13 to 24 who want to make new friends in an LGBTQ positive space. Straight youth are welcome as well for support or if you want to learn to more about your queer friends. Our only rule is to be respectful of everyone and show up with an open mind.

Tonight our question is “What would YOU like to see at Outloud?” This is to go along with saying your name and pronoun at the introduction. Of course you can pass but this info is very important to make Outloud better. Think about it and I look forward to some cool ideas tonight.

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