St Albert PFLAG tonight, why you should attend

St. Albert PFLAG
PFLAG St. Albert

PFLAG was originally set up for parents and friends of lesbians and gays back in the 70’s. Today its for any adult who is looking for support, knowledge, friendship, or community focused on LGBTQ issues. You can be a parent, friend, teacher, employer, acquaintance, or just curious about understanding people. We have no rules except for respecting each other and keeping the stories that you hear private. We want you to take away the lessons you learn while keeping the confidentially of the people at the group. Just like any meetings that are for support, we want everyone to feel comfortable that they can share and learn without fear.

What’s the group like?

Fear is always the biggest factor for everyone who is in a new situation. Rest assured that this is a safe place without judgement or pressure. Most people come to PFLAG looking for answers on how to best support the loved ones in their lives. Some have queer kids but we also have alot of people who just want to learn how to best cope and support the people they are already connected to. Come and learn the proper terminology that makes LGBTQ folks feel accepted and why that is. Life is a minefield already and we just want to help you simplify this part. Join us tonight at the Collective, 43 St Thomas street from 7 to 9pm and we can answer those questions.

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