PFLAG Adult Group Tonight

What is Pflag and who cares? When people are confronted with a person in their life who comes out as LGBTQ, most of us don’t know what to do. How should we react? What are pronouns and why does this person I care about what to change their name? First of all coming out is a huge step and if you have someone who is brave enough to do it, you need to support them. The best way, the easiest way, is to tell them you love them no matter what. Pflag was created for this purpose and includes anyone who is an adult and wants to learn more about Queer people. You will find all the answers you need from people who live as LGBTQ people or the allies that support them. Come join us tonight at The Collective, 43 St Thomas street from 7 to 9pm and get the answers to your questions. Everyone is confused in the beginning. Everyone needs to understand why your friend, loved one, or co-worker is going down this path and what they need from you. Come and listen, come and learn. Offer your opinion or just sit and take information for yourself. There is no right or wrong, come and support or be supported.

St Albert Lifestyle Expo

The Expo was a huge hit for Outloud, our supporters, and the community. Our artists painted hundreds of faces, made lots of bead bracelets, and applied Pride tattoos to tons of people! We loved it and we hope you loved it too. Cant wait to be back next year with a bigger booth and more ideas! Special thanks to the City for the Diversity & Inclusion Grant as well as the St Albert Chamber for all their help and patience with us. We cause a bit of ruckus but I am pretty sure we keep it interesting! Thank you all!

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