Rainmaker Parade

Tonight we set up our parade float 7pm at 44 Pembroke Crescent to get ready for the parade tomorrow. Bring something cool to add if you like but we have lots of decorations to put on. Come add your special touch to make this the best float possible.

The parade tomorrow (Saturday) starts at 9am. We can all meet at City Hall before that because the free pancake breakfast will be on, so get those in your belly! We will have people at the breakfast to show you where the float will be. We are #48 in the list. You can hand out candy or tickets. You can walk or ride the float. You can even hide in the float if you want to be there but not be seen. Its up to you, come and support your Pride.

This Parade goes Rain or Shine. The parade organizers always say the parade and events go no matter what so be ready for rainy weather. You can put extra clothes on the float as it will be covered from rain. Family and friends are welcome. Wear any pride stuff that you want and Outloud shirts would be the preference. See you there!

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