Tonight is Talks

Outloud Talks is a mature program for LGBTQ folks and their allies to come together and discuss adult topics. This can be anything from relationships and coming out, to medicals questions or career information. Usually the group here is high school and older but if you think this is right for you, then so do we. Bring your questions to other queer people about where to find a friendly doctor or dentist, who is hiring queer folk with prejudices, or where the next event is that can help you on your journey of self identification.

This space is not filled with pressure or expectation or propaganda. This is a place for you to listen, be heard, and meet others at a similar point in their lives. You can find answers to the questions that no one wants to talk about like addiction, mental illness, and even suicide. Someone at this meeting will have the same issues as you and is willing to talk about it. Take a chance. Come see what Outloud talks holds for you.

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