Youth and Jr Tonight

The Juniors (under 12 yrs) start out at 6pm at The Collective, 43 St Thomas street. We encourage any child to come and see what we are about with their parents as well. The activities will be geared toward Pride St Albert that is coming up on June 22nd. Let your creativity shine so that the people of our community can see what the LGBTQ kids have to offer and also to better understand you.

Our Youth group (13 to 24 yrs) will start at 7pm at the Collective with some great info from Shauna about self care. These are not the commercialized things you hear on TV, this is how to really cope with your personal issues. Expect a miracle tonight cause the info is here for that to happen for you. We will also get into some art projects for Pride St Albert to show our city what the queer youth can do. Think about what your message to a thousand people will be and they will read it but not know your name. The power is in showing your beauty without being in the spotlight. St Albert needs to heard your story, see your passion, and feel your conviction for who you actually are. Crush the stereotypes and reveal your awesomeness tonight!

Pride St Albert is June 22

This year’s Pride is going to be amazing! We are featuring some awesome musical artists, fabulous Drag Queens & Kings, and a super cool Hoop Dancer! You will see resources, food, apparel, pride gear, and much more! We even have a 70′ inflatable obstacle course for the whole family. The festival itself is free for everyone without limitation. Lots of giveaways, lots of prizes, lots of Pride stuff to buy. Full accessibility is offered and all that we ask is respect for each person you meet. Check out the full calendar of Pride week events here.

We have room for a couple more vendors, click here to see what is involved.

If you want to volunteer, please click this link.

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