The Outloud Juniors Group is a group facilitated by Outloud staff for children 12 and under that identify as members of the 2SLGBTQIAP+ Community.

The Juniors Group runs the first and third Tuesday of the month at the Outloud Space (#10, 215 Carnegie Drive) from 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM.

Juniors meet with other kids their age to build friendships, have conversations, ask questions, and receive support from Outloud Staff. Juniors will play games, do crafts, read books, socialize, and are welcome to contribute to Outloud culture by painting murals in the space, planning parade floats, volunteering, and helping out with events. 

Staff use play-based techniques and strength-based conversation to support Juniors to grow their confidence among peers and leaders.

Outloud uses sources like ISMSS, The Pride Center of Edmonton, ISCWR, pflag, and many others to connect children and their families to the resources that they need.

Juniors and Youth can earn Outloud “I AM LOVED” Dog Tags with attendance.

For safety reasons, parents or guardians are asked not to stay in the space but are welcome to sit with parents in a discussion room. Please note this discussion room is not facilitated by staff. 

There is no charge for the program but donations are appreciated.

*Juniors meetings start at 5:30 PM with Outloud staff welcoming everyone to the space and facilitating a circle discussion where Juniors are asked to share their name and pronouns and anything else they choose to share – some kids choose to “skip” while some like to discuss what’s been going on in their lives or ask questions.

Outloud staff then update Juniors on upcoming events and group plans, and then provide Juniors with several activities to participate in for the remainder of the group. If Juniors aren’t interested in any of the activities, they are welcome to hang out at the Outloud Library, shop the Outloud Closet, or socialize with other attendees. All attendees are supervised at all times by staff.


Outloud implements a “Safer Space Policy” which ensures the safety of all attendees at all times. This policy is reviewed with attendees when there are new group members and can be found below. 

*Attendees are asked to register prior to attending to ensure adequate supplies and staffing.*



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