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Outloud experts speak on sexuality and gender identity in your organization.

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Since 2014, Outloud LGBTQ experts speak and present workshops on sexuality and gender identity to your school, group, or business, providing resource materials and activities.

From interactive workshops in small groups to assemblies with over 3,000 participants, our featured speakers and Youth Leaders have educated and advocated for equality and inclusion with engaging stories, fun humour, and easy-to-action takeaways.

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Featured Speakers

Mia Soetaert

Mia Soetaert

Vice President, Youth Leader

Mia has been involved with Outloud since the very beginning and has helped facilitate as the group has changed from 4 kids in a church basement to over 350 youth who have attended Outloud meetings in the past 4 years. She is a public speaker to crowds of several thousand, a council president and leadership mentor in her High School, and an advocate for LGBTQ equality in her community. She has had many struggles like most LGBTQ youth, but continues to find her calling and true joy from helping others become comfortable with themselves. Mia also enjoys reading, movies, and most of all her music.

Terry Soetaert

Terry Soetaert

Executive Director

Terry is a husband and father of three daughters. Terry co-founded Outloud with his daughter Mia to bring LGBTQ youth together in St. Albert and surrounding areas. He was a co-chair of the St. Albert Youth Working Group and St. Albert Pride Committee. He currently sits on the Welcoming & Inclusive Community working table, the St Albert Homeless Coalition and facilitates the St. Albert chapter of PFLAG as well as the Outloud group. Terry is active in speaking, presenting, and advocating to schools, groups, and businesses for LGBTQ rights. He is an avid camper, loves Mixed Martial Arts, and superheroes.

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